Harrington Nature Reserve: A very special place...

'Special' will mean different things to different people. Young people may simply love to explore and find a place to hide and the reserve provides many wilder areas and opportunities for such pursuits. A mother and child may prefer to feed the many ducks and wildfowl, whilst dog walkers might suggest that the improved path network and seating areas is what is best for them.

Local people, many of whom use the reserve on a daily basis will come to expect the sight of Blue Tits, Mute Swans or even an occasional Kingfisher or Woodpecker. They will also be used to wandering through the many different habitats, each with its own wildlife and special atmosphere.

For the visitor, many of these things will be a new experience. Indeed, it's not everyday that one can walk past open and running water, willow carr, tall herb communities, mixed scrub, flower rich meadows and woodland all in the space of half an hour. All this one the edge of Workington!